Live Chat with Weekly Chris TONIGHT

TONIGHT!!! Join our Trendsetter segment with WEEKLY CHRIS.

Weekly Chris is an amazing viner that sings, raps, beatboxes, and more!

He’ll be jumping on Frankly at 9pm pst to answer ALL your questions, send you exclusive selfies, and do video shoutouts to guys for 30 minutes!! 

To join the chat:
1) Download Frankly Chat in your app store
2) Add @ JOJOKIIS in Frankly
3) Send in your questions!!

PLUS, if you want to talk to other Weekly Chris fans, just add @ chrisfans in Frankly and you can gossip about his amazing eyes all day long <3

#FranklyTrendsetter: Your fave social stars on Frankly!

We teamed up with LA’s #1 radio station, 102.7 KIISFM, to bring your favorite social stars right to your phone!!

LIVE CHAT with 12 trendsetters for 30 minutes and ask them ANYTHING you want. They’ll send you exclusive videos, audio clips, and pics. AND they might shout YOU out!!

Tune in every Wednesday night on Frankly Chat at 9pm PST to chat with stars like Sam Pepper, the Janoskians, Andrea Russett, Brittany Furlan, King Bach, and Acacia Brinley!

The Frankly Love Story

We sent out an email to our users asking them why and how they use Frankly Chat. This is our favorite reply: an adorable, heart-warming love story that all started with the app Frankly Chat.

"As with so many other stories, it starts with a girl.  We were both at SXSW walking around the startup happy hour that was taking place and we stood by the Frankly kiosk while (i’m assuming you) talked about how frankly is "tonality meeting text". We laughed and downloaded the app right there on the spot. At that point we’d been hanging out together a little over a day and were exploring the event. Little did we know that from that moment on Frankly would be the only way we’d continue to communicate for the next 30 days. After SXSW was over I returned to LA and she to Phoenix and while we weren’t really sure if we would see each other again the Franks continued. I’ll never forget the day that you guys added voice messaging; hearing her voice for the first time in 20+ days saying that she missed me was unforgettable. Countless Franks were sent daily until eventually we decided that we should see each other to see if all the feelings that were created over 10 second snippets on your app were real. We kept franking right until I hopped on a plane and went to Phoenix.

To make a long story much shorter things went great, and even though it seemed as if we should switch to text messaging or Facebook chat, we never did, because Frankly was something special that we used together. It was kinda just our thing. It still is. We’re still together and we’re still communicating predominantly on Frankly to this day. There’s something inherently fun about it. We completely understand each others moods based on the colors of text we use (i.e. if something is grey it’s sarcastic). And the impermanence of the pictures and videos make us feel comfortable to send just about anything and everything from goofy to romantic. I couldn’t even tell you how many pictures of my dog has been sent through your app.

So that’s why I’m a top user of Frankly, because of a girl I love. Frankly is in some way the reason we were able to develop feelings for each other of a distance.”

<3 <3 <3 <3

Share your story with us at

Frankly Chat Update: Version 2.2.0

iPhone users are in luck: we’ve updated our app! 

Here’s all the fun new features:

Now you can find people from all over the world to start chatting with + we started a few group rooms to jump in on. Youtuber fans, singles chat, and a random room are a couple of examples.

Did you know about our Keep feature? If not, follow along during our new tutorial to learn some hidden Frankly secrets.

Love sending quick audio messages to your friends that disappear? Well now they’re even coolor-you can color them all!

We kept the name of your fellow chatter hidden before-afterall, we know you like your screenshots. But now you can toggle back n forth to knowing who it is, or keeping it private. 

Sending memes to your friends? Now you can just PASTE them right into the chat, instead of having to save them to your album

Using Frankly on your ipad and tablet? Now it actually fits!

Also, we are now available en Espanõl! More languages to follow

What’s New: Meet New Friends on Android!

Frankly is an awesome way to chat, but what fun is chatting without friends?? Because some of your friends might not be as cool as YOU and haven’t downloaded Frankly yet, we created an awesome feature so you can MEET NEW FRIENDS!

Just think: you’re totally bored after school, waiting for your ride, so you get on your phone and open Frankly. You’ve been waiting allll day to dish on the new video Our Second Life posted, so you go in the O2l Fan Chat and talk to other youtuber fanatics.

It’s so easy with our new Meet New Friends feature. You don’t need to know a pin, you just click the chat you’d like to start!

Click on your friends tab. Click the top right button that say “Meet Friends”

Click OK! and you’ll see a group of chats to join

Now you can meet fun, new people and chat away!!

Demi Lovato at the I Heart Radio Theater for Frankly Chat #iHeartDemi

We are so blessed to have helped put together an amazing contest with amazing schools in the Los Angeles area-all for one amazing performance.

Last night, Demi Lovato graced our presence at the i Heart Radio Theater in Burbank, CA. Her hour long set included a cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Give Me Love”, an inspiring speech before “Warrior”, and an exciting end with “Let It Go.”

She started off the night with a chat in Frankly for all her fans. Here are a few questions she answered:





Here is Demi’s Set List during the I Heart Radio Show:

Heart Attack
Really Don’t Care
Fire Starter
Give Your Heart a Break
Neon Lights
Give Me Love (Ed Sheeran cover)
Catch Me
Here We Go Again
Made in the USA
Don’t Forget
Let It Go


Photo: Joseph Llanes for iHeartRadio

Here is Demi meeting the winner of the contest and the winner’s besties from Orthopaedic Hospital Medical Magnet High School


If you want to keep up with everyone who watched the show LIVE or on Yahoo’s Live Stream, add pin #iHeartDemi in the Frankly app!! We’re sharing a TON of pictures and videos from Demi Lovato’s performance at the I Heart Radio Theater.

Vine Video Contest

Contest time!!!!

We want YOU to create the best VINE about Frankly Chat.

Are you using the unsend button a lot? Are you happy that your messages disappear after 10 seconds? Do you love that you can send videos that go away after they’re played? Whatever part is your fave, we’re rewarding the winners with a revine from some of the top viners ever!!! Plus a chat with them on Frankly, of course.

From Trey Kennedy:

From Christian Delgrosso:

From Meghan McCarthy: